Weeklong snowfall to hit Istanbul by weekend

Weeklong snowfall to hit Istanbul by weekend

Weeklong snowfall to hit Istanbul by weekend

A week-long cold wave will take the country under its grip as of the weekend ahead, with snowfalls in Istanbul starting Jan. 22, a prominent meteorologist has said.

“The cold wave from Central Europe will start showing its face as of Jan. 19 in all parts of the country except the western shores,” Orhan Şen warned on Jan. 16.

But, the country will witness snowfall and extreme cold as of Jan. 22. The expert predicted heavy snowfalls by the coming weekend in the country for three or four days, including Istanbul.

“It is hard to make a 10-day weather forecast. It may change by a day or two, but it seems Jan. 22 is the day for heavy snow,” he highlighted.

With the decrease in the temperature, the high regions of Turkey’s populous metropolis witnessed snowfall last week.

The country will mostly witness cloudy skies on Jan. 18, the Turkish State Meteorological Service said and also warned of sleet in the east and frost in some Black Sea provinces.