Internet third largest source of revenue, says Doğan exec

Internet third largest source of revenue, says Doğan exec

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Internet third largest source of revenue, says Doğan exec

Doğan Holding’s Chair Hanzade Doğan Boyner says internet revenues surpass newspaper ad revenues.

The internet has become the third largest source of ad revenues in Turkey, said Doğan Holding Deputy Chairwoman Hanzade Doğan Boyner at a meeting of the Young Businessmen’s Association (GYİAD), adding that internet revenues have surpassed the ad revenues of newspapers in many countries.

E-commerce has reached a share of 11 percent in the total retail volume in the United States, she added. Firms now have to be entrepreneurial as the technological revolution has been pervasive, Boyner said.

“Entrepreneurship is something to do with a mind-set, a spirit, a character, a culture, thinking big, not setting limits on dreams, taking risks, job loyalty. These are the concepts the firms of the new century must cling to,” Boyner said at the meeting titled “Conversations with Young Bosses.”

Change was the only reality of the century that had not changed, she said, adding that the title of “world’s largest firm” changed hands five times in just 30 years.

“There are many firms that enter the giant firms list and then disappear. Because the unchanging reality of this century is change at a dazzling pace and destructive technologies underlie this change. New models and technologies arise and destroy [the firms] we consider giants.”

Borders thin and blurred
Borders are thin and blurred and business models are not constant, she said, noting that Google, a communications firm, had invested in the automotive sector and software firm, Microsoft, had wanted to be a device manufacturer.

“The biggest challenge for our generation is to [figure out] how to keep pace with this change,” she added.