Interior Minister defines terror in Turkey

Interior Minister defines terror in Turkey

ISTANBUL - Radikal
Interior Minister defines terror in Turkey

İdris Naim Şahin. AA Photo

Interior Minister İdris Naim Şahin defined terror as a multi-faced phenomeanon that included physchology and art, Radikal reported.

Şahin blamed those who fight against those who stand against terrorism, and stated that they too were a part of terrorist organizations.

"Sometimes it's on the canvas, sometimes in a poem, in daily articles, in jokes," Şahin said. "These too legitimize and support terror."

Şahin said that the fight against the "backyard" of terrorism was much tougher than the fight against those actively in the mountains.

"We are aware of that psychological fight," Şahin said.

Şahin said NGOs and political parties were also a part of the front for terrorism, inviting all political forces to challenge the notion.

"If not, then come out and say it," Şahin said. "Say it in the national Parliament. It's the highest platform for any citizen. Tell us if you have an opinion. We live in a freedom that tolerates it."