Inmates get poor social, psychological help: Report

Inmates get poor social, psychological help: Report

Inmates get poor social, psychological help: Report

A woman leaves the Sivas Prison after completing her prison term in this file photo. Inmates get insufficient psychological help according to a report. DHA photo

A recent report has shown that prison conditions in Turkey are not helping inmates with psychological problems. 

The Civil Society in the Penal System Foundation (CİSST) requested information about the number of personnel working for the social and psychological conditions in prisons. According to the figures released by the Justice Ministry, there is one psychologist for every 549 inmates and one social worker for every 986.

CİSST also cites prison conditions that are not suitable for inmates with disabilities. For paralyzed inmates and those who are in wheelchairs, there is not enough equipment, such as special beds to avoid bruises or exercising materials. They also face difficulties when entering through the security gates.

The foundation added that some NGOs had begun working to try to improve the conditions after the project was released.

Earlier this year, CİSST released a report saying the number of people dying in prisons was worrying.
More than 1200 people died in prisons since 2010, the report said, adding 307, 321, 346 and 316 people died behind bars every year between 2010 and 2013.

At the time of the release of the report in late January, the number of prison deaths was 18.

“According to those figures, there are at least six funerals every year in Turkish prisons,”  a statement read. “We don’t want to accept those numbers. We think we should not get used to caskets coming out of prisons.”