Influencer faces probe over alleged money laundering

Influencer faces probe over alleged money laundering

Influencer faces probe over alleged money laundering

An influencer, widely recognized in the country for her millions of followers and her ostentatious and luxury lifestyle, is now facing an investigation encompassing a series of allegations, including her involvement in a criminal organization and money laundering.

The prosecutor’s office determined that Dilan Polat and her husband Engin Polat, who have stakes in numerous industries with 21 companies from cosmetics to the construction sector, committed crimes and accumulated their wealth through illicit means, backed by concrete evidence. The couple is under investigation over four crimes that consist of establishing and managing a criminal organization, being a member of a criminal organization, money laundering and violation of the Tax Procedure Law, according to local media.

As the prosecution ascertained tangible proof pointing towards the commission of these offenses, the prosecutor's office seized land, sea and air transportation, all kinds of accounts in banks and other financial institutions and all kinds of rights and receivables before real or legal persons.

Additionally, their valuable documents, shares in companies they co-own, safe deposit box contents and cryptocurrency holdings have all been confiscated. Furthermore, a travel ban has been imposed on the Polat couple.

An extensive report by the Financial Crimes Investigation Commission, integrated into the investigation file, suggested that Dilan Polat utilized counterfeit documents to decrease her tax base, aiming to underreport the income derived from online sales. The report also pinpoints "Rise and Shine Cosmetics," a company owned by Dilan Polat, as a contributor to fraudulent document creation, particularly in association with a supplier where a substantial sum of 225,743,000 Turkish Liras ($7.1 million) worth of merchandise acquisitions have been deemed as fictitious.

In an expanded scope of the investigation, thirteen individuals closely related to the Polat couple, primarily first-degree relatives, have also been included, and their assets have been seized as well.

The Polat couple's social media posts unveil their possession of a private aircraft, luxury vehicles, a luxury villa and a substantial amount of precious jewelry.