Infant formula withdrawn from market with suspect of GMO

Infant formula withdrawn from market with suspect of GMO

Infant formula withdrawn from market with suspect of GMO

The company says they have recalled the infant formulas product as a cautionary judgment.

The Bursa provincial directorate of food, agriculture and livestock said they have detected a genetically modified organism (GMO) in the infant formulas of a private company.

Following the discovery, they sent notice to every province to withdraw certain products from the company, Gıda Güvenliği Hareketi Food Security Movement said on its website.

“After checks in the Ankara Control Laboratory, it became certain that the Milupa Aptamil Multigrain includes GMO products,” said the website.

The website also released the picture of the notice sent by the Bursa Food Directorate to the Istanbul Governor’s office about the product’s laboratory results.

The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock told the Gıda Hareketi website that no GMO product was detected during the firm’s process when it received the license of import to Turkey. “However, after GMOs are detected during the checks of the products on the market, they are recalled from the market and a legal procedure is started, investigating the firm,” said the ministry in a statement.

Numil Gıda A.Ş., the firm which imports products from Milupa to Turkey, released a statement over the claims and confirmed they have recalled certain products from the market as a “cautionary judgment.”

“Our product Aptamil Multigrain has no GMOs in it and is produced in Portugal in line with the European Union infant nurture regulations,” said the company in a statement released on its website May 26.

“Although all laboratories are approved by the ministry in our country, their work may have different calibration degrees due to the lack of unanimity about the methods that should be used in analyzing GMOs in Turkey. The differences in laboratory analyses in this product also show this,” said the statement, adding that they have recalled the product as a cautionary judgment.