Ice sculptors to welcome visitors in Turkey’s east

Ice sculptors to welcome visitors in Turkey’s east

Ice sculptors to welcome visitors in Turkey’s east

The countdown has begun for a snow-themed festival to be held for the second time this year in Turkey’s eastern province of Ağrı.

Local officials and ice sculptors stepped up their efforts for the long-awaited event, which will be launched on Feb. 25 in the city center.

Sculptures of some significant Turkish figures and symbols of regional importance will be made from the snow brought by 35 trucks for the festival, the theme of which was determined as Anatolian fairy tale heroes.

Except for the ice sculptures of Keloğlan, Hacivat-Karagöz and Nasreddin Hodja, some important figures of Turkish folk literature, iced-imitations of Noah’s Ark and Mount Ararat will also welcome visitors.

As part of the preparations, the snow is first turned into ice and then shaped with the help of chainsaws and other construction materials.

“We use almost all known construction materials. There is some melting because the weather is hot, but it will not be a problem until the day of the festival,” said Bilal Han, an academic from İbrahim Çeçen University who is coordinating the event.

In the festival, concerts, ski events and competitions where children can participate with their families will also be organized.

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