Hürriyet goes uniquely social!

Hürriyet goes uniquely social!

Hürriyet goes uniquely social Hurriyet.com.tr, Turkey’s most popular news website, has gone social in a world first for global media.

As of May 12, users now have a unique social platform where they will be able to engage in an interactive relationship with Hürriyet journalists, as well as with each other.

Customized news feeds will break the traditional monopoly of a newsroom editor for the benefit of the reader who is now turned into an empowered user – and creator – of media content. 

With a new feature, called “Öne Çıkar” (Put it Forward), users will be able to shape the main page of Hurriyet.com.tr by pushing their favorite stories into the headlines section, traditionally curated by Hürriyet editors.

Over 100 news categories are created and being fed by the up-to-date, high-quality Hürriyet content, including text, photos and videos, all served through a user-friendly, cutting-edge interface, seamlessly integrated with popular social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.