Hugh Jackman in Istanbul

Hugh Jackman in Istanbul

Sinem Vural ISTANBUL
Hugh Jackman in Istanbul

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World renowned Australian actor Hugh Jackman is currently in Istanbul to perform his show “An Evening with Hugh Jackman.”

At a press conference before the first show on March 17, Jackman welcomed the audience saying “thank you” and “good morning” in Turkish, describing how he first came to Istanbul 19 years ago.

“Even in the last 10 years the country has changed a lot. I find that really exciting and thrilling. It’s a fascinating place, with a huge population, bridging two continents, you feel the energy of change. You feel the energy of possibilities. Last time I saw the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, and I will go again. I also understand a lot more about the Islamic world than I did back then,” he said.

“I remembered the hospitality being extraordinary when I was here as a ‘nobody.’ Some people say ‘people are nice to you because you are famous.’ But it is exactly the same as it was before. Everybody starts asking questions with ‘welcome to Istanbul.’ This is the Turkish people and I like that,” Jackman added.

He also revealed that he has familial ties to Istanbul. “My grandgrandfather is from this area. I know that he worked in Istanbul. I am not sure whether the city was called Istanbul or Constantinople then. My history is a little off,” he said.

Jackman’s show will continue at the Zorlu Center PSM until March 20.