Hollande is a fool: fashion designer

Hollande is a fool: fashion designer

Hollande is a fool: fashion designer

A handout picture released by the German television broadcaster ZDF on 07 October 2012 shows US singer Jennifer Lopez (L) and German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld... EPA photo

German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who is based in Paris, attacked and criticized both French President François Hollande and France’s economic competitiveness in an interview to appear today in the Spanish version of Marie Claire magazine, daily le Figaro has reported.

"He is a fool. It will be as disastrous as Zapatero. Hollande hates the rich. This is a disaster. He wants to punish them and of course [because of that] they go [and] nobody invests. Foreigners do not want to invest in France and [the economy] can’t work like that." said Lagerfeld.

The country’s industry was also among the targets of the fashion designer’s criticism.

"France, apart from the fashion, jewelry, perfume and wine is not competitive. The rest of the products do not sell. Who buys French cars? Not me!" he said.

Lagerfeld has his own fashion house and is also the head designer and creative director for the fashion house Chanel.