Holiday resort town ‘proud’ for being spotted from space 

Holiday resort town ‘proud’ for being spotted from space 

Holiday resort town ‘proud’ for being spotted from space

The Demre district of the Mediterranean province of Antalya was seen in a photograph taken from space for the first time.

SpaceX’s spacecraft Crew Dragon interlocked with the International Space Base 19 hours after its launch into space on May 30.

In the first photo sent from the space base, Kekova, a prominent holiday spot in Demre was also seen.

A closer look to the frame also shows Kekova Bay, Gökkaya Bay and Kaleköy, formerly the ancient city of Simena in the region.

Demre Mayor Okan Kocakaya shared the published photo on his social media account.

“This photo is a great honor for Demre. The presence of Demre in this photograph, the writing of Demre in the photograph is an invaluable wealth for Demre’s international recognition,” Kocakaya said.

The publication of this photo on a world portal with 59 million viewers around the world will make a great contribution to Demre’s tourism. We are very happy,” he added.

The origins of Demre date back to the Lycian town of Myra, the home of Saint Nicholas of Myra, the historical man who later developed into the figure of Santa Claus.