‘Hobbit homes’ in central Turkey attract tourists

‘Hobbit homes’ in central Turkey attract tourists

SİVAS- Anadolu Agency
‘Hobbit homes’ in central Turkey attract tourists

A "hobbit village" has been inaugurated in the eastern Turkish city of Sivas. Click through for the story in photos...

"Hobbit homes” built in Turkey’s central Sivas province have attracted interest of many domestic and foreign tourists.

Inspire by the famous fantasy novel and movie, The Lords of the Rings, the municipality in Sivas province has built underground homes.
In The Lord of the Rings, hobbits are fictional and tiny humanoid race in the Middle-earth. This human race is residing in their underground hobbit homes built in hillsides, downs, and banks.

Sami Aydın, the Mayor of Sivas, told state-run Anadolu Agency that the municipality has so far built 24 such houses.

“We are planning to increase this number to 40 or 50 in the future. People are staying at these houses for a few days to relieve their exhaustion,” Aydın said.

Aydın stated that these houses are cool in summer and warm in winter and added that people in Turkey, Europe and Far East are making reservations.

“There are many people in Europe, who want to make reservations as there are many Turkish people living there. Reservation demands are also coming from Far East countries, including Malaysia,” he said and hoped the demand will increase in the future.

Aydın stated that these homes will be available for every month of the year and were built for those who want to have a rest and to stay in touch with nature.

Hobbit homes have their own kitchen, guest room, bedroom and bathroom to satisfy needs of the tourists.

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