Historical tower lit in colors of Azerbaijani flag

Historical tower lit in colors of Azerbaijani flag

Historical tower lit in colors of Azerbaijani flag

The historical Clock Tower in the Aegean province of Çanakkale was lighted in the colors of the Azerbaijani flag on Oct. 13 to support Azerbaijan during the armed clashes on the dispute over the occupied Karabakh region.

The Çanakkale Municipality officials lighted the tower on Fetvane Street in colors sky blue, red and green, which are the flag colors of Azerbaijan.

“As Çanakkale, the city of peace, we stand by Azerbaijan, a friendly and brotherly country that defends its occupied territories,” said in a post shared from the official account of the municipality.

Residents who saw the light show took a photo of the tower and shared it on social media. The show was appreciated not only by the residents but also by the Azerbaijani citizens living in the city.

“Azerbaijan is our brother nation. We will be close to each other in our most difficult situations, and we will show that we are indeed a brotherly nation,” said Arda Çakırer, a Çanakkale resident.

Cemal Memedov, an Azerbaijani who was in the city to work, expressed his pride in seeing the colors illuminating the tower and showed gratitude toward the municipal officials.

“We have been brothers since history. We are two states, one nation,” Memedov said.

The Clock Tower was built by Cemil Pasha in 1898 during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

However, some sources say that the tower was financed by the Italian merchant Vitalis Gaptirole who sent 10,000 gold coins for its construction.