Historic Istanbul district by Bosphorus to get facelift

Historic Istanbul district by Bosphorus to get facelift

Historic Istanbul district by Bosphorus to get facelift

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The historic Istanbul district of Üsküdar will receive a brand-new look thanks to a massive project to redesign a historic square by the Bosphorus, which is decorated with numbers of valuable Ottoman buildings and mosques. 

The project was launched on Sept. 3, with a ceremony with the participation of Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Türkmen. 

“Hopefully in the following two years, we will obtain a new space including a multistoried parking lot and malls,” Türkmen said in the ceremony, adding that a 13,775-square-meter area will be opened with the project. 

“The name of our square will be Mimar Sinan Square,” he said. 

The project was launched with the demolition of the former Üsküdar municipal building. A sheep was also sacrificed before the project began.

A multistoried parking lot with a thousand-car capacity will be constructed underground as part of the project, while historic structures will also be featured in the square. 

The project will improve the visibility of historic buildings such as the Rumi Mehmet Paşa, Mihrimah Sultan, Yeni Valide, Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi and Şemsi Paşa mosques.

A fountain built in 1728 by Ottoman Sultan Ahmed III will also be highlighted as part of the project. 
In addition, the square will include malls, an underground market, cafes, an exhibition hall, a museum of urban recollection and craft workshops. Trade spaces will be constructed in line with the texture of the district. 

The bus terminal in Üsküdar’s Harem will also be moved to Istanbul’s Dudullu district, according to the project plan.

“The bus terminal in Harem will be moved in the near future. Its new space will be in Dudullu and the construction of it has been continuing. As soon as the terminal is transferred, Harem will be designed as a recreational space. Hopefully, that will begin this year,” he also said. 

Noting that the day was a “historical one,” Türkmen said the first step toward urban transformation, which has been discussed for years, was being taken.

“In the developing world, in our country and all of Europe, the cities are famous for their squares, green spaces and parks. Hopefully, we will provide Üsküdar with a beautiful square in July 2018,” he also said.
The project also includes efforts against repeated flooding in Üsküdar, which will be conducted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 

Flooding along the shore in Üsküdar is common when it rains in the district.