High-profile coup plot trial continues in silence in Silivri

High-profile coup plot trial continues in silence in Silivri

ISTANBUL - Doğan News Agency
High-profile coup plot trial continues in silence in Silivri

The area in front of the Silivri Courthouse was silent on Dec. 14, one day after thousands of demonstrators, led by the CHP and the Workers’ Party (İP) protesting the Ergenekon trial gathered at the same location. DAILY NEWS photo, Emrah GÜREL

The Ergenekon coup plot trial continued in silence on Dec. 14, a day after major protests inside and outside the courtroom.

The road to the court in Silivri, which had been overflowing with people over two kilometers the previous day, remained empty, but during the trial inside the court board faced lawyers’ criticism over the prosecutor’s latest move merging a new indictment and “violating judicial procedure.”

Contrary to earlier expectations, the prosecutor in the case did not make his final argument on Dec. 13 and thousands of people staged a major protest outside the courtroom, clashing with gendarmerie forces.

The Workers’ Party’s (İP) jailed leader Doğu Perinçek’s lawyer Hüseyin Gökçearslan said it was unlawful for prosecutors to announce his closing statement before lawyers completely argued the evidence.

Gökçearslan said he had read every line in the 2,500-page indictment and could not find “the Ergenekon terrorist organization’s bloody actions.”

“Where are these bloody actions? No, they do not exist. Defendants plead no, there is still no blood. Witnesses gave their testimonies, still no. My client has been in jail for the last five years. There is not a terrorist organization or crime here,” he said.

“Thousands of people came to the court house yesterday, this has shown that this case is fictitious,” he added.

‘Misleading the court’
Retired general Veli Küçük’s lawyer, Zeynep Küçük, also said the prosecutor had mislead the court by saying “he was ready to deliver his closing statement.”

Thereupon Chief Judge Hüseyin Özese advised Küçük “not to make interpretations,” and “not to judge the court board.”

Lawyer Hüseyin Ersöz also joined the fray, saying the whole of Turkey had witnessed what happened during the trial on Dec 13.

Özese then warned Ersöz “not to discuss the court board,” and ordered him “to sit down.”

Soldiers used pepper spray to disperse thousands of protestors, led by main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), the İP, and the Turkish Youth Union (TGB), who protested the trial in front of the 13th High Criminal Court in Istanbul’s Silivri district on Dec. 13.

The inside of the courthouse also saw its fair share of unrest, as defendants’ lawyers objected to the newly merged indictment, which centers around a group of suspects accused of providing arms to Ergenekon.

The prosecutor replaced his closing arguments with a reading of the new indictment, but was cut off as defendants’ lawyers objected to the indictment and demanded the floor. The court board dismissed the demand, causing uproar among the suspects, lawyers and nearly 50 CHP deputies. The court was adjourned several times due to the protests and the indictment could not be read.