Heavy rain causes flash floods in Istanbul

Heavy rain causes flash floods in Istanbul

Heavy rain causes flash floods in Istanbul

Sudden rainfall has disrupted life in Istanbul, flooding houses and shops and leaving vehicles stranded in traffic following the meteorology authority’s warning for 22 provinces over unexpected weather conditions.

Precipitation hit the city’s both European and Asian sides hard, while pedestrians sought shelter in bus stops and under shop awnings.

Locals rushed to clear floodwaters from shops and ground-floor residences in Esenyurt, a working-class district on the far west of Istanbul, while motorists waded through knee-deep water to get off major roads in Bayrampaşa and Fatih, two districts in the city center.

Some locals exerted efforts to clear clogged drains before firefighters arrived to assist in lowering the floodwaters in Esenyurt’s Güzelyurt neighborhood.

In Bayrampaşa, a connecting road to the TEM highway straddling the city was inundated with flooding, while a driver, who was stranded on top of the car, jumped over into the floodwaters and managed to get to the safe side of the road.

After the rain subsided for a short time, passersby rushed to the aid of a stranded driver and pushed his car to safety.

Floods also turned waters in parts of the Marmara Sea into brown as the mud flowed into the sea.

Crews from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality were deployed to flooded areas to help drain water and deliver aid to citizens affected by floods.

Meanwhile, meteorologists warned that heavier precipitation was on its way for the coming days during the week.

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