Healthy heroes comes to life in Health Ministry campaign

Healthy heroes comes to life in Health Ministry campaign

Healthy heroes comes to life in Health Ministry campaign

Source: Turkish Health Minister website.

The Turkish Health Ministry has created animated characters called "Organikos" to raise children’s awareness about healthy eating habits.

Organikos are a group of heroes made up from vegetables and fruits, containing Karot (a carrot), Muzaffer (a banana), Berbi (a red pepper) and Patleechan (an eggplant) with unique superpowers.

Designed to persuade children to make healthier food choices, the website for the Organikos team comes with multimedia games and downloads.

Each hero comes from different parts of the world and they meet at the Organikos Super Talent School, a special school for fruits and vegetables with undiscovered powers on an island offshore Istanbul.

The school helps them use their powers effectively by teaching them flying methods, how to deal with fame, how to change clothes fast, how to eliminate evil powers, how to avoid burning due to friction and more.

The four-minute animated videos have been made to tell stories about their experiences in their daily lives.

The vegetables and fruits’ places of origin affect their looks and their capabilities.

Karot, an engineer and a pilot, comes from Afghanistan and has X-ray vision. His talent is designing new flying tools. Berbi is a pepper from Mexico and a beautiful nurse with the ability to cure others, while she herself feels no pain. Yoga specialist Petleechan is from China and he can control objects by brain power.

Muzaffer is a taxi driver from Malaysia who can run very fast and is great with directions.

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