HDP urges end to violence before coalition talks with AKP

HDP urges end to violence before coalition talks with AKP

HDP urges end to violence before coalition talks with AKP

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Co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Selahattin Demirtaş urged both the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) and the military to ease tensions in the southeastern Anatolian region following recent violent incidents, a day before he is set to meet Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu as part of coalition talks. 

“It’s true that tension is high. But it’s not the day to draw swords. I say this both to the KCK and to the government. No one should think of increasing the tension,” Demirtaş told journalists July 14. 

The tension in the overwhelmingly Kurdish populated regions has increased in recent days after the KCK declared the end of its 3-year-long cease-fire with the Turkish government, adding they will target the construction of military dams in the region.  Demirtaş made his statement a day before his coalition talks with Davutoğlu and expressed his hopes that the next government will seriously deal with the Kurdish peace process. 

“We are waiting to host the AKP delegation. We will share our own solutions on national and international problems,” he said and said mutual accusations made during election time have been left behind. “We will discuss everything with the AKP. We hope that tomorrow’s meeting will pave the way for revival of the peace process. Our country deserves peace, not violence. We are not obliged to fight; the young people of this country do not deserve to die.”

Adding that the HDP will meet the AKP delegation without prejudices, Demirtaş said, “With or without the HDP, we believe the next government should move forward the peace talks.” The three main principles of the HDP are peace, democracy and justice with its subtitles, Demirtaş stressed.