HDP not hopeful about corruption commission

HDP not hopeful about corruption commission

HDP not hopeful about corruption commission

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Ertuğrul Kürkçü, the co-chairperson of the People’s Democracy Party (HDP), has expressed skepticism about the usefulness of the investigation commission to be set up at Parliament to investigate four former ministers.

“Will [the former ministers’] immunities be lifted to be sent before the court? I’ll bet this commission will work in the same way all of the other commissions in which the AK Party [Justice and Development Party] has the majority. The fate of this commission will be no different to that of the Uludere commission,” Kürkçü said at his party’s group meeting on May 6.

The Uludere Commission was established after the Turkish Air Forces bombed 34 villagers mistaken for terrorists late in 2011. The commission yielded no concrete results about responsibility for the incident.

“God knows when the commission will hold its first meeting. It will likely make its decision after the presidential elections,” Kürkçü added.

The commission will have a maximum four-month mandate, but it is still not yet known when it will be established.