HDP issues criminal complaint against MHP leader

HDP issues criminal complaint against MHP leader

HDP issues criminal complaint against MHP leader

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The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has issued a criminal complaint against senior Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) officials, including leader Devlet Bahçeli, for inciting people to hatred and hostility as well insulting people.
Apart from Bahçeli, the compliant also cited his main advisor, Metin Özkan, and MHP secretary-general İsmet Büyükataman, the HDP said in a written statement. 

The war of words between the two parties has reached unprecedented levels, as Bahçeli criticized the “dishonorable, whisky-drinking rich people” who voted for the HDP instead of the MHP. “Those poor people who carried the HDP to the parliament [and] those dishonorable people sipping their whiskies in their seaside residences along the Bosphorus… Now go and form a coalition with the HDP,” Bahçeli had said. 

Defending Bahçeli’s statement, Özkan revealed they have a list of 3,000 “dishonorable” persons, sparking a fresh debate over whether the MHP was profiling people voting for the HDP.  

The HDP’s appeal to the Ankara Prosecutor requested the removal of the immunities of Bahçeli and Büyükataman so that they can be prosecuted.