HDP deputy mistreated in Turkey’s southeast despite immunity

HDP deputy mistreated in Turkey’s southeast despite immunity

ŞIRNAK – Doğan News Agency
HDP deputy mistreated in Turkey’s southeast despite immunity

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A Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy has been mistreated by military personnel in the southeastern province of Şırnak, as she was among a group of five people detained after they formed “human shields” in protest against the ongoing military operations in Şırnak’s mountainous Cudi area.

HDP deputy Aycan İrmez was detained along with four other people, namely HDP assembly member Aslan Dişçioğlu, HDP Şırnak central district co-head Agit Yiğit, Şırnak Municipality assembly member Taybet Bilgin and Democratic Union Party (DBP) official Mehmet Sümbül late Sept. 24. İrmez repeatedly told the military personnel, who stopped them on the outskirts of several coal quarries in Şırnak, that she had immunity as defined in the constitution as she was a member of parliament. İrmez was then released after her identification was confirmed at the Şırnak courthouse.

İrmez said tens of anti-riot police vehicles came their way when she and four others were heading to central Şırnak from Cudi Mountain.

“The initial treatment of us was like this: They asked me to show my ID although I repeatedly told them I was a member of parliament. They cared about nothing and asked me to come to the police station to testify, even though I have an identity card issued by the Turkish parliament that shows my name,” İrmez said.

“I had to wait for one and a half hours even though I said I had constitutional immunity and I was a member of parliament so any action could not be taken against me as well as other in my official car,” İrmez said, adding that even putting her on hold was unlawful.