Half of Turkish people suffer sleep disorder

Half of Turkish people suffer sleep disorder

Half of Turkish people suffer sleep disorder

Fifty percent of the Turkish population suffers from sleep disorders, according to a Turkish professor.

"Half of our population suffers from sleep disorders," Fuat Özgen, head of the Ankara-based Turkish Sleep Medicine Society, told state-run Anadolu Agency on the sidelines of the 19th National Sleep Medicine Congress held in Istanbul.

The five-day congress - with the participation of around 200 health professionals - aims to discuss the functions of sleeping, breathing and movement disorders during sleep, oversleeping and insomnia as well as sleep disorders in children.

“Sleep disorders lead to impaired functionality, increased physical or mental illnesses or interruptions during treatment,” Özgen added.

According to the professor, in cases where people do not get enough sleep, they may suffer from problems that may affect their whole body.

“Sleep disorders increase all existing diseases,” he said.

“In people who have no illness at all, a number of disorders both physically and mentally occur after a certain period of time,” said Özgen.

The professor said people spend one-third of their life sleeping and sleeping refreshes people physically and spiritually as well as prepares them for the next day.

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