Gül underlines ‘model partnership’ in letter to Obama

Gül underlines ‘model partnership’ in letter to Obama

Gül underlines ‘model partnership’ in letter to Obama

Turkey’s President Abdullah Gül . AA Photo

Turkey’s President Abdullah Gül congratulated U.S. President Barack Obama on his re-election, sending a congratulatory letter to him today.

Gül addressed Obama as “Mr. President, my esteemed friend,” sources from Gül’s office told Anatolia news agency, while the head of state also underlined that ties between Turkey and U.S. had further evolved during Obama’s first term in office.

“I am delighted to confirm that we share the same vision as you in especially strengthening the economic and trade dimensions of our relations in the next term,” Gül said.

“We are determined to preserve the positive atmosphere and model partnership in our multidimensional relations in every field,” Gül said.

While voicing his expectations regarding bilateral relations between Ankara and Washington during Obama’s next term, Gül drew attention to the importance of Turkey and U.S. relations for the peace, stability and security of a broad region including the Balkans, North Africa, the Caucasus, Central Asia and South Asia.

Acknowledging Obama’s success in handling his responsibilities in times of worldwide economic challenges, Gül shared his belief that Obama’s leadership in providing economic growth and creating employment and a better future for future generations would always be appreciated.