Gül reaches out to Jewish citizens on Hanukkah

Gül reaches out to Jewish citizens on Hanukkah

President Abdullah Gül congratulated the country’s Jewish citizens on the occasion of the Hanukkah holiday Dec. 7, hailing their “exceptional” contributions to Turkey.

Gül released a written message on the start of the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights.

“I congratulate the Hanukkah holiday of our Jewish citizens with my sincerest feelings,” Gül said in his message, maintaining that holidays are when a spirit of unity and brotherhood come into being in its purest form.

Universal values

“With its story that carries to this day the victory of light against darkness, pureness against degeneration and spirituality against materialism, the Hanukkah holiday is a means for us to once more remember today the universal values of the entirety of humanity,” he said.

“Our Jewish citizens – who have distinguished themselves with their social, professional and academic successes in various fields and with whom we have shared our despair as well as our joy and hopes – are continuing today to provide exceptional contributions to Turkey’s unique human richness,” Gül said.