Greenpeace's legendary Rainbow Warrior anchors in Bosphorus

Greenpeace's legendary Rainbow Warrior anchors in Bosphorus

ISTANBUL – Doğan News Agency
Greenpeaces legendary Rainbow Warrior anchors in Bosphorus Greenpeace’s legendary Rainbow Warrior ship passed through Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait on Sept. 20 as it sails for the organization’s campaign to raise awareness on solar electricity production by aiming to install solar panels on 1 million rooftops in Turkey. 

Reaching Istanbul after anchoring in a number of western coastal towns such as Bodrum and Çeşme as part of its Turkey campaign tour, the Rainbow Warrior lit up the Bosphorus and marked its campaign motto “Sail to the Sun,” with a laser reflection on the July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge. 

The ship was visiting to introduce and promote Greenpeace’s campaign to encourage solar energy production in Turkey. As part of the campaign the ship has so far stopped in four Turkish coastal towns before completing its journey in Istanbul. The project aims to acknowledge the solar power potential of Turkey and encourage its people to benefit more from its use in the future.

The campaign which assigned the Rainbow Warrior to deliver its message also aims to operate in other Mediterranean countries until the beginning of the Climate Summit to be held in Marrakech, Morocco in November. 

The ship will stay in Istanbul until Sept. 25 and will be open to visit.