Greek teen to donate marrow to Turkish peer

Greek teen to donate marrow to Turkish peer

Yorgo Kırbaki - ATHENS
Greek teen to donate marrow to Turkish peer

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The bone marrow of two young people living in Greece has become a source of hope for a Turkish youth waiting for transplantation in the Mediterranean province of Adana.

The Turkish-Greek borders closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has wreaked havoc on the whole world, has been overcome for the transplant.

Sotirios Tsiodras, a spokesperson for the Greek Health Ministry, said that a teenager on the “opposite coast of the Aegean Sea” donated his bone marrow to a young person living in Turkey.

The bone marrow of two Greek young people, Savas and Andreas, who made donations in this process, matched with the marrow of a Turkish young man named Kuzey, who was waiting for transplantation at Adana State Hospital.

Tsiodras, who is also an infection specialist, gave information about the transplant after explaining the latest developments about coronavirus cases in Greece.

“I would like to thank Savas from northern Greece and Andreas from Crete. These two young people donated marrow in such an environment,” Tsiodras said.

“Moreover, one of the marrow donations is matching with a young person in need in Turkey. Here is the solidarity of the peoples against the common enemy,” he added.

According to the information obtained from the Greek Organ Transplant Agency (EOM), the correspondence began between officials of the two countries.

As it is estimated that the transplant will be carried out within two weeks, EOM officials pointed out that marrow transplants have been carried out between Turkish and Greek patients before.

However, the authorities prefer to give detailed information about the last case after the transplant.

“People are afraid of donating blood or donating organs during this period. However, there are such good examples,” said the officials.