Greek governor ‘has to return to Turkey’

Greek governor ‘has to return to Turkey’

Greek governor ‘has to return to Turkey’

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Nikolas Katrakazos, the governor of the Greek island of Samos who arrived on July 13 in Turkey’s Seferihisar, a town in the western province of İzmir on a new boat line between the two Aegean resorts, has a very strong reason to come back. 

He has to pay the 10 Turkish Liras, some $3, he owes to a shopkeeper from whom he bought a jar of tangerine jam on account. 

“He [Katrakazos] will pay for it next year,” said shopkeeper Nuray Duman Ferhatoğlu. “He is welcomed.” 

The shopkeepers in Seferihisar, a member of the Cittaslow club, opened symbolic account books for their Greek visitors, implying that they will revisit the town, and said they have trust in their Greek neighbors. Other visitors joined the governor by making on account purchases. 

The first group of 400 visitors headed by Katrakazos was welcomed by Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer. In the center of the town a group of Greek tourists then danced the sirtos, a traditional Greek dance made world famous by Mihalis Kakogiannis’s 1964 movie “Zorba.”  

Trade and tourism between the two destinations tends to be mutual.  The boat line was launched on July 1 and some 4,000 Turkish citizens visited Samos during the Eid el-Fitr holiday. 

According to a deal between the two destinations, the boat trip is free for those who accommodate for at least one night on the other side. A two-way ticket is 29 euros.