Greek Cyprus media criticizes late leader

Greek Cyprus media criticizes late leader

Greek Cyprus media criticizes late leader

Some Greek Cypriot dailies criticized the late Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktaş’s political life and his role in the Turkish Resistance Organization (TMT).

Greek Cypriot newspaper Cyprus Mail described late politician Rauf Denktaş as “clearly a controversial figure in local and international politics.”

The daily said Denktaş had fought most of his life “for a separate, breakaway state of Turkish Cypriots.” Denktaş “was infamous among Greek Cypriots for being a co-founder of the Turkish Resistance Organization (TMT), an underground body whose declared aim was to prevent union with Greece,” the daily added.

Daily Politis said Denktaş died “speaking in Greek,” referring to Denktaş’s daughter Ender Vangöl’s statement that Denktaş was calling for an independent Turkish Cypriot state and shouted “Christofias” in Greek, İhlas news agency reported yesterday.

The daily said Vangöl “maybe was in attempt to raise the profile of founding leader of” the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in her statement.

Another Greek Cyprus daily Famagusta Gazette said that in one of his last in-depth interviews given to the Famagusta Gazette in 2010, Denktaş said he wanted to be remembered chiefly for establishing the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

Famagusta Gazette blamed TMT, founded by Denktaş, “for carrying out murders as well as attacks against progressive Turkish Cypriots who worked in favor of cooperation and peaceful cohabitation with Greek Cypriots.”

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