‘Gov’t must take solid steps if sincere on Israel,’ says CHP's presidential runner İnce

‘Gov’t must take solid steps if sincere on Israel,’ says CHP's presidential runner İnce

‘Gov’t must take solid steps if sincere on Israel,’ says CHPs presidential runner İnce

The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) presidential candidate Muharrem İnce criticized the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, stating that the government should take solid action rather than holding rallies.

“Have you boycotted Israeli goods? No. Have you scrapped deals with Israel? No. Have you returned the $20 million given for Mavi Marmara? No,” İnce said on May 18, addressing the people in Amasya for the presidential campaign.

His speech came amid a rally held by the AKP, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and Grand Union Party (BBP) in Istanbul to mark their solidarity with Palestinians, after 60 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza during the inauguration of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem.

“Today, Erdoğan is organizing a grand rally about Palestine. I have no objection. Our brothers and sisters have been killed in Palestine, we are deeply sorry,” İnce said, criticizing the ruling party for not taking concrete actions against Israel.

“But the meeting is not for Palestine, it is for the election. My nation should know that, I do not want you to be deceived,” İnce said.

Criminal complaint on German spy software 

Meanwhile, the CHP lawmakers have filed a criminal complaint about allegations that a German-made software was used to spy on attendees of last year’s “Justice March” led by CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

“Unfortunately, we have seen the march had been followed and listened from the start until the end. It is outrageous that the most democratic action in the world was spied on. If the government is not a partner in this crime or has not given instructions for spying, the government should have opened an investigation before the CHP’s complaint,” CHP lawmaker Veli Ağbaba said on May 18 in front of an Ankara courthouse.

German media sources have published a report in May, stating that a German-made software was used to provide real-time access to the contacts, photos and videos on the smartphones of the attendees of last year’s “Justice March.”

As Kılıçdaroğlu called on German and Turkish authorities on May 15 to reveal the details of the export of the software to Turkey, Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan has dismissed the allegations.

“We, as the ministry, have not bought such software. It is out of the question,” Arslan told reporters on May 17.

CHP appeals to top court over cabinet authorization 

Main opposition lawmakers also appealed to the Constitutional Court for the annulment of the law, which authorizes the Cabinet of Ministers to issue decrees and make legislation for the harmonization of current laws to the constitutional changes without parliamentary supervision.

Arguing that the parliamentary authorities were surpassed by the law, CHP spokesperson Özgür Özel said on May 18 that “the constitution rules that this authority belongs to parliament and cannot be transferred.”

“Every second the Constitutional Court stays silent against that fact is the courts self-denial,” he said.

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