Go Turkey guides tourists to culinary delights

Go Turkey guides tourists to culinary delights

ANKARA- Anadolu Agency
Go Turkey guides tourists to culinary delights

Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Ministry offered information on Jan. 25 related to the delights of Turkish cuisine, gastronomical routes and outstanding restaurants on the Go Turkey website. 

The ministry began including the richness of Turkish cuisine on the website, which introduces Turkey’s tourism and cultural richness.

Emphasizing that the country’s wide variety of flora and fauna greatly contributes to regional dishes and that each region offers a different gastronomical experience, the website provides information related to categories such as Turkish breakfast, street food, restaurants, good food, unique food and beverages, appetizers, harvest days, healthy Turkish cuisine, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and gastro routes.

Providing detailed information on the different breakfast varieties in Turkey’s Aegean region, southeastern Gaziantep and eastern Van provinces as well as its Black Sea region, the ministry points out that Turkish breakfast cuisine is among the 10 best breakfasts in the world.

The website also draws attention to vegetarian dishes and recommends food accordingly such as yaprak sarması, barbunya fasülyesi, enginar kalbi, şakşuka, çiğ kofta, kalem böreği and mücver.

Go Turkey aims at combining the flavors with all five senses and gives recommendations for delights from all seven regions of the country, landmarks in these regions and even odors to notice.

The website also provides some recipes for dishes that can be cooked at home as well as street food.

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