Germany to hire chefs from Türkiye

Germany to hire chefs from Türkiye

Murat Tosun - BERLIN
Germany to hire chefs from Türkiye

As the pandemic caused a serious labor shortage at Germany’s airports during the summer period that the country is trying to overcome by employing foreign workers, especially from Türkiye, Germany is now chalking out plans to find a similar solution in its gastronomy and accommodation sectors.

The Interior and Community Ministry wants to bring in foreign workers who can work in the gastronomy and accommodation sector, according to the news outlet Der Spiegel.

“We enable companies to recruit additional workers from abroad, especially from Türkiye,” Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said, adding that workers who will come to end the chaos will be employed on a contract basis and that accommodation will be provided to them.

The shortfall of employees has become much worse due to the pandemic, Faeser said.

“[Labour and Social Affairs Minister] Hubertus Heil and I know that we need to facilitate the recruitment of foreign workers in this field,” Faeser said, emphasizing that there is a serious shortage in gastronomy and accommodation sector. “We need faster recognition of professional qualifications and less bureaucracy,” Faeser said, reiterating that something needs to be done to make Germany attractive for qualified personnel.

Stating that Germany had a similar problem at airports, Transport Minister Volker Wissing stressed that this problem exists not only in Germany. “This is a problem we have across Europe. We are very concerned about this because we see people’s frustration. That’s why we decided to take the initiative in the federal government,” Wissing said.

“According to data from the aviation sector, there are several thousand employees that are not required at airports in Türkiye,” Heil said, adding that the government will fast-track work and residence permits for several thousand foreign airport workers to be temporarily employed in Germany.

Also, alternative implementations are being considered as a solution to end the chaos at airports.

According to the officials, limiting the number of suitcases per passenger is in the plan to speed up the transactions.

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