Germany revises travel advisories for Turkey

Germany revises travel advisories for Turkey

Germany revises travel advisories for Turkey

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Germany has joined the Netherlands in revising its travel advice for Turkey, amid a deepening row over European cancelations of events by Turkish officials aimed at rallying support for a “yes” vote in the upcoming constitutional referendum. 

The German Foreign Ministry, in an updated notice posted on its website on March 13, said travelers should expect heightened tensions and protests ahead of the April 16 referendum.

“Travelers are therefore advised to stay away from political rallies and large crowds,” the ministry said. 

It had previously advised citizens about heightened security risks in Turkey following last year’s foiled coup attempt.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry also urged citizens visiting Turkey to exercise caution in revised travel advice issued late on March 12.

“There have been diplomatic tensions between Turkey and the Netherlands. Be alert and avoid large crowds,” the ministry wrote. 

Ankara stated on March 13 that it would apply diplomatic sanctions on the Netherlands.