Gaziantep Governor’s Office bans outdoor celebrations amid security worries

Gaziantep Governor’s Office bans outdoor celebrations amid security worries

Gaziantep Governor’s Office bans outdoor celebrations amid security worries


The Governor’s Office in the southeastern province of Gaziantep has banned celebratory events - such as weddings, circumcision ceremonies, and farewell parties to soldiers - from being held outdoors. 

The ban comes after an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) suicide attack on a street wedding on Aug. 20, which claimed the lives of 56 people, most of whom were children. 

“It is forbidden to hold celebratory events outdoors in Gaziantep and its districts,” the statement released from the governor’s office on Sept. 2 read, adding that the decision was taken to prevent terrorist acts threatening people’s peace, lives, property, unity, integrity and public order. 

“Those events now must be held in the closed places assigned for that purpose. People living in the areas where no such closed places exist need to act in coordination with the security forces after the issue is evaluated by district governorships,” the statement also said. 

It added that an application should be sent to the police or gendarmerie at least 24 hours before the planned event, including the name of the people organizing it, the date, the place and the organizers’ contact information. The addresses provided by the organizers of the events will then be checked by the related security officers.

Gendarmerie and police officers will take security precautions during the events to prevent terror attacks, according to the new ban, which has been announced from municipality loudspeakers in several Gaziantep districts.

Those not following the newly imposed rules will be given an administrative fine with regard to the Misdemeanor Law.

Another province where the same ban has been imposed is Balıkesir in northwestern Turkey. The Balıkesir Governor’s Office referred to the ISIL attack in Gaziantep in the statement that it released regarding the ban.
Meanwhile, a fresh police operation targeting ISIL has been carried out in Gaziantep, in which a total of 24 suspects have been detained.

According to a statement released bythe Gaziantep Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, the suspects have been detained for allegedly recruiting militants and supplying equipment for ISIL. 

Eight of the suspects were arrested for being members of a terrorist organization, 10 were released with a judicial control order, and six were released without charge.