Gas use breaks record in Turkey

Gas use breaks record in Turkey

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Gas use breaks record in Turkey

The need for natural gas is rising as heavy snow paralyses most of Turkey. DHA photo

Due to the unseasonably chilly winter weather, Turkey broke a natural gas consumption record on Jan. 16, consuming 178 million cubic meters of natural gas. 

Energy Ministry officials, however, said an 8 to 10 million cubic meter deficit is not a cause for concern and the deficit stems from the fact that people have consumed more electricity leading to a strain on the natural gas conversion plants, which convert natural gas to electricity. The situation is expected to be resolved by Jan. 21, according to officials. 

“This period has not affected residential and industrial natural gas usage and will not affect usage going forward,” the officials said. 

Meanwhile, Turkey’s state-run pipeline company Botaş’ Executive Board Director and General Manager Fazıl Şenel said the news regarding Botaş urging citizens in the Marmara and Ege regions to move toward secondary fuel sources was partly true. 

“There is missing information though. Our citizens need not be concerned. There is no likelihood of natural gas being shut down in either residential or industrial establishments,” he said, adding that companies which were capable of producing electricity for a three to four-day period with secondary fuel sources like oil had already begun to do so. 

“It is only for these firms we have applied the natural gas reduction to. This does not affect the average citizen,” said Şenel.