G-20 investors meet in Istanbul

G-20 investors meet in Istanbul

G-20 investors meet in Istanbul

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High level representatives of development finance institutions, long-term investors and major multilateral financial institutions gathered in Istanbul on May 26 on the occasion of the third D-20 conference. 

The D-20 is a group of diverse financial institutions which share a common mission to support the converging public policy objectives of the members of the G-20, their respective shareholders. 

The main theme of the conference was “Infrastructure as a Long Term Tool for Sustainable and Comprehensive Growth,” with models targeting the long-term non-bank financing of infrastructure projects. Additionally, social infrastructure investments targeting social welfare, health and productivity were discussed in detail.

One of the results of the conference was a statement issued by the D-20 members to be presented in preparation for the G-20 summit.

Özcan Türkakın, CEO of Turkish lender TSKB, in his opening remarks at the D-20 conference stated: “We all acknowledge the positive impact of infrastructure investments on economic growth. On the other hand, we have a lot of ground to cover in developing models of PPP to incentives and related regulations. I take pride in being amongst the signatories of the statement of the conference that encompasses a high level of commitment and social responsibility by all participating parties of the D-20.”

Turkey assumed the G-20 presidency in December 2014.