Future of Turkish construction business is bright: Minister

Future of Turkish construction business is bright: Minister

Future of Turkish construction business is bright: Minister Turkish Environment and Urban Minister Mehmet Özhaseki signaled new regulations that will boost the construction sector in Turkey as he talked during the Sign of the City Awards ceremony late on Nov. 9, an annual event organized with the leadership of daily Hürriyet to improve standards in the real estate sector. 

Speaking at the event held on Nov. 9 as the guest participant, Özhaseki said Turkish cities lacked identities. The minister said his office had been working to fix these problems seen in Turkish cities and signaled that they would work to accelerate urban gentrification projects. 

The minister, however, assured that during this work, his office would ensure that the current intensity in the construction sector in Istanbul would not exceed the limits. 

“Nobody has the right to do this to the city. We will not conduct urban renewal by doubling the intensities [in the city] and by ruining cities,” said Özhaseki, adding he believed the construction sector in Turkey would see brighter days. 

“In Europe the population is not increasing, there is no dynamism. But in Turkey, the future of the construction sector is very bright. Increasing population and the need for urban renewal is out in the open. But we have to design the works right and should take the right measures. As the ministry, we are carrying out works to boost the construction sector,” said the minister. 

Future of Turkish construction business is bright: Minister

At the opening of the ceremony, which was held for the third time this year and awarded successful projects in 22 categories, Hürriyet chairwoman and Aydın Doğan Foundation Vice President Vuslat Doğan Sabancı took the stage and delivered a speech.  

Praising the hard work of the representatives of the sector, Doğan Sabancı emphasized that thanks to the works of the sector, the notion of luxury had been transformed into a more accessible notion and has been “democratized.” 

“I think another big development was the fact that you have taken the notion of luxury from the monopoly of a handful of a minority and democratized it,” said Doğan Sabancı.  

Doğan Sabancı also promised to continue to hold the event on annual basis and delivered her commitment to encourage the work of the sector. 

Istanbul Greater Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş was also among the notable names that attended the event and reiterated his conviction for the need of urban renewal in the country. 

Topbaş also said Turkey had reached a level on which it can compete with the world in a number of construction-related activities.