‘Fraud’ professor owes her ‘career’ to search engine

‘Fraud’ professor owes her ‘career’ to search engine

‘Fraud’ professor owes her ‘career’ to search engine

A new statement by Zulâl Atalay Laçin, who forged her documents showing her a professor to get appointed to an academic position, has revealed that she owes her “career” to documents she obtained from Google and her photoshop skills.

Applying to the prosecutor’s office in the Central Anatolian province of Aksaray, Laçin said that she had prepared many “official” documents, including a diploma from Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ), with her “own means.”

“I use the computer very well. When you search on Google, many diploma examples appear. I obtained the signatures on the diploma from there and signed them by myself. I also made the associate professorship document myself with the examples I found on the internet,” Laçin said in her statement.

She stated that she applied to the Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy for the post of associate professor last year, but it was determined that there was a difference between the language exam document she presented and the reality.

Expressing that an investigation has been launched against her for fraud, Laçin said: “Everything was in such a deadlock during the investigation, so I prepared another document with ODTÜ letterhead, and I gave it to the prosecutor’s office.”

The detained defendant noted that a mistake she made at the beginning cost her big time. Expressing regret and saying that she has a three-year-old disabled son with no one to take care of him, she asked for her release.