Four suspects arrested after raids against al-Qaeda

Four suspects arrested after raids against al-Qaeda

VAN – Doğan News Agency
Four suspects arrested after raids against al-Qaeda

The court will pronounce on the arrests of twelve other suspects detained during the raids. AA photo

Four suspects were arrested Jan. 17 following a court decision after being detained in a major operation against al-Qaeda in six provinces.

The court released four other suspects pending trial, while five suspects were discharged after being interrogated by the police.

Twelve remaining suspects detained during the raids carried out on Jan. 14 were also sent to court Jan. 17.

The detained suspects face accusations including sending people to fight in Syria, helping to transfer al-Qaeda members from Afghanistan and Pakistan, collecting money to help al-Qaeda, providing and distributing aid and weapons to be used in attacks in Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and organizing illegal activities.

Al-Qaeda’s senior member in Turkey, Halis B., and its second-in-command in the Middle East, İbrahim Ş., are also among the detained individuals.

Turkish media reported that three high-ranking names from al-Qaeda reportedly escaped to Syria before the operation.

The investigation was reportedly begun 15 months ago on suspicions that al-Qaeda was organizing cells in Van province. 

A Humanitarian Relief Foundation (İHH) branch in Kilis was also raided as part of the simultaneous operations conducted Jan. 14 in Istanbul, Van, Kilis, Adana, Gaziantep and Kayseri.