Former Turkish Deputy PM Babacan resigns from AKP

Former Turkish Deputy PM Babacan resigns from AKP

Former Turkish Deputy PM Babacan resigns from AKP

Turkey’s former Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan on July 8 announced that he was resigning from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

“In recent years, deep differences have emerged over the principles, values and opinions in which I believe and the implementations [of the AKP] in separate areas. The current situation necessitated a brand new vision of future in Turkey because we have new, dynamic, and promising generations that have completely different demands,” Babacan said in a written statement.

“I was a member of the Central Decision and Management Board for 14 years at the AKP, of which I am a founding member. During this period, I was honored to take part in the great achievements our country has accomplished,” he said.

Turkey is in need for accurate analyses, new strategies and plans, according to Babacan, who said it is inevitable to commence new works concerning the country’s future.

“I, along with many friends, sense a grand and historic responsibility to make such a work come into effect. I believe that the solution of the problems we are facing will only occur with an extensive cadre of authorities,” he said.

It is important to carry out these works in an independent and free manner, Babacan stressed. 

“It is our joint aim to make Turkey a country of high standing, to increase the wealth and happiness of our people and to take Turkey into the bright future it deserves,” he added.

“We need to work together and aim for a common ground. In light of this, it seems highly impossible for me to carry on with my duty as a founding member of the AKP,” he added.

Babacan also conveyed that he delivered his letter of resignation to the AKP headquarters in July 8.