Forest fire in Marmaris ignited by three children

Forest fire in Marmaris ignited by three children

MARMARİS – Doğan News Agency
Forest fire in Marmaris ignited by three children

The forest fire in the İçmeler neighborhood of Turkey’s southwestern resort town Marmaris was accidentally ignited by three children, it was revealed on May 2.

The fire, which started at around 1 p.m. local time on May 1, was extinguished in one hour by firefighters and forestry directorate teams using helicopters, preventing the flames from reaching residential areas.

The investigation revealed that the forestland near the starting point of the historic coastal Caria Trail was set alight at three different points with five-meter intervals using matches.

After investigators, including district counter-terrorism units, interviewed witnesses and checked CCTV footage, it was revealed that three children, aged 10-11, were responsible for the incident.

The dry leaves caught on fire while the children were playing with matches and the flames suddenly spread to the forestland, they told the police.

They ran away immediately, they added.

The three children were turned over to their families after legal procedures at the local police station.

The district of Marmaris and the 820-kilometer Carian Trail, extending to the province of Aydin in the north, are among the top attractions in Turkey for tourists.

Security forces and forestry directorate teams are on high alert against fires and arson especially in the summer time.