Foreigners combine forces for strays in south

Foreigners combine forces for strays in south

MUĞLA - Doğan News Agency
Foreigners combine forces for strays in south

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Foreigners living in the Aegean province of Muğla and its districts have assumed responsibility for caring for stray animals through the creation of their own society.

The members of the Foreigners’ Solidarity Society, Evelyn Girrod, Cristina White, Mukaddes Paulsen, Sarah Browne, Kirstie Blades and Ülker Gündoğan, recently neutered 10 stray dogs and five cats at a private veterinary clinic as part of their outreach. Members will be taking care of the strays by hosting them at their houses until they recover.

The members of the society formed an animal welfare group to take care of the strays during winter.
Girrod, the head of the animal welfare group, said the society would conduct monthly health checks, sterilization operations and follow-up treatment.

“Our aim is to inspire a more studious sensitivity among our fellow animal lovers in the protection of strays, and in public and environmental health. We are selling second-hand goods in our stalls at outdoor markets to raise funds for the care of strays,” she said.

The group is also organizing informational seminars for animal lovers to encourage them to join the society.