Food inspections to target groceries, butchers

Food inspections to target groceries, butchers

Food inspections to target groceries, butchers

Agriculture and Forestry Minister İbrahim Yumaklı has announced a comprehensive food inspection initiative that will commence on Sept. 13, encompassing the country's all 81 provinces and focusing on grocery stores, butchers and delicatessens.

"We will continue food inspections uncompromisingly. We attach great importance to issues related to public health. I want all businesses that serve food to check themselves again," Yumaklı stated during a televised interview with private broadcaster A Haber on Sept. 12.

The forthcoming inspections represent a continuation of a broader study initiated earlier. Between Aug. 21 and Sept. 8, inspectors examined various establishments, including eateries, restaurants and hotels, where mass food consumption occurs.

During this prior inspection phase, which engaged over 7,600 personnel and entailed 55,000 inspections, non-compliance issues surfaced in 245 businesses, prompting administrative actions, Yumaklı elaborated.

"We will continue to monitor the improvements of companies where non-compliance is found. We will conduct these inspections in three-week intervals to ensure sustained adherence to safety standards," he added.

Yumaklı also urged citizens to play an active role in the process by reporting any food-related irregularities. The minister encouraged them to call ALO174, the ministry's food hotline, and even mentioned that reports shared on social media would be considered.