Flights will be more secure with air police: Minister

Flights will be more secure with air police: Minister

Flights will be more secure with air police: Minister

Turkish Transportation Minister Ahmet Arslan said on Dec. 4 that flight security will increase with the practice of “air police.”

According to a recent law passed by Turkish Parliament last week, armed police officers will be deployed in planes flying to and from Turkey as a precaution against terror attacks.

Arslan said the air police officers will be deployed after an agreement is made with the two countries the flight will occur between.

He said that documents regarding the education, selection and employment of the police officers would be in the security guidebook for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), adding that the employment of the air police officers would be the Interior Ministry’s task.

Arslan also said identity information of the air police and passengers would be shared with the other country as a result of the regulation.

“The practice to have armed police on board for security purposes is not only practiced by Turkey. This method exists in many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Turkey has harmonized its legislation. Countries already want to fly their planes here with air police officers. Our legislation has not allowed this to happen, so it was difficult,” he said.

Arslan also highlighted that the air police practice would not be implemented on all flights.

“The air police will be a member of the police department and will be on the plane in some cases. The Interior Ministry will also deploy air police who have been trained and who know about aircraft and airplane operation and aeronautical procedures,” he added.