Flamingos flock to Seyfe Lake

Flamingos flock to Seyfe Lake

Flamingos flock to Seyfe Lake

Seyfe Lake Bird Sanctuary in the Central Anatolian province of Kırşehir, under protection within the scope of the Ramsar Convention, is welcoming the highest number of flamingos of recent years.

Located on one of the two most important routes of migratory birds in Turkey, most part of the lake, which covers an area of 10,700 hectares, is filled with recent rainfalls.

In the lake, where water does not absorb into the ground due to its soil structure, flamingos offer a visual feast to visitors as well as cranes, ducks, gulls and garganey birds.

Speaking to journalists, Seyfe Lake Ecology Association (SEYGED) President Ömer Çetiner said that the visitors of the lake were experiencing a visual feast, which makes them very happy.

He said that the reason was the lake being filled with adequate water thanks to recent rainfalls.

“We have reached the highest number of flamingos in recent years. We can say that there are 40-50 percent more flamingos than the previous years. Of course it will increase gradually, because migration has just begun. In addition, the cranes still continue to live here. We also have the opportunity to see ducks, seagulls, and local birds here,” Çetiner said.

He noted that Seyfe was one of Turkey’s biggest wetland areas.

“It is an area that does not reach 1 meter even when it reaches its fullest level. Even at this altitude water is enough to reveal the lake. We now have water 40-50 centimeters high. The most important thing is the lack of water inflow from the Seyfe springs. There is no water intake from the Horla and Malya springs. When there is water inflow from the Seyfe spring, the peat beds and reeds are formed there and they contribute to the birds’ sheltering and nesting,” he said.

Çetiner said birds had difficulty nesting when there is no water inflow from the springs, adding: “Then ducks have to go to another place to make their nests. But flamingos’ nests are not connected to this situation. They make nests in the middle of the lake in the form of an inverted vase. These nests are about 30 to 40 centimeters high and the birds leave their babies here. When the weather conditions and the lake are in good condition, we can witness the birth of the babies in our lake.”

IN PHOTOS: Flamingos flock to Turkey's Seyfe Lake
Flamingos flock to Turkeys Seyfe Lake