Five people murdered per day across Turkey in 2016: Report

Five people murdered per day across Turkey in 2016: Report

Fevzi Kızılkoyun – ANKARA
Five people murdered per day across Turkey in 2016: Report

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Five people were murdered per day across Turkey in 2016, according to a report from the Police Department and the Gendarmerie Command.

Firearms were used the most in the 1,948 murders committed in the country in 2016, the report said.
Most of the murders were committed due to conflicts over money or honor killings, according to official figures. 

The circumstances in 93 percent of the murders in 2016 were determined, while the remainder have yet to be solved.

Some 386 murders were committed in areas of the countryside which are under the control of the gendarmerie, with 92 percent of the suspects subsequently being apprehended.

Meanwhile, the number of murders increased large cities of the country that have welcomed internal migrants, while the number of murders decreased in smaller centers.

Istanbul, the country’s largest city, recorded the highest number of murders, followed by the southern province of Adana, Ankara and İzmir.

While money was the cause in most of the killings, murders that occurred following incidents such as infidelity, sexual assault, abuse and breakups came second.

Meanwhile, domestic violence and enmity, jealousy, traffic conflicts, unexpected situations, alcohol-induced confrontations, land conflicts and inheritance conflicts also resulted in some of the murders.

Tribal honor killings, which have previously had a negative impact on Turkey, were not recorded on last year’s list.

Some 67 percent of the murders were committed by firearms such as guns and rifles. The next most-recorded murder weapon were sharp objects, such as machetes, pocket knives, skewers and screwdrivers.