First indictment Turkey’s coup attempt ready against 60 suspects in Denizli

First indictment Turkey’s coup attempt ready against 60 suspects in Denizli

DENİZLİ – Doğan News Agency
First indictment Turkey’s coup attempt ready against 60 suspects in Denizli

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The chief public prosecutor’s office in the southwestern province of Denizli has completed the first indictment in the July 15 coup attempt case, against some 60 soldier suspects for their alleged role in attempting to assist the attempted coup.
Denizli Chief Public Prosecutor Mustafa Alper sent the 20-dossier, 143-page indictment to the Denizli 2nd Heavy Penal Court on Oct. 10, charging the 60 suspects, 42 of whom are being tried under arrest, on four counts, carrying three aggravated life sentences and 15 years in jail.

The charges listed in the indictment are “attempting to abolish the constitutional order,”  “attempting to abolish the parliament and preventing it from carrying out its duties,” “attempting to abolish the government,” and “being a member of an outlawed terror organization.”

In the document, prosecutors allege that the suspected military personnel attempted to take control of the Çardak civil airport in Denizli as part of the coup attempt.

Alper said that according to the evidence gathered through the investigation, two days before the coup attempt two battalions were dispatched to the Denizli 11th Commando Brigade Command as part of coup preparations. A training drill was planned for these troops between July 14 and 17, while the seizure of Çardak airport was planned for July 16 at 02.30.  

Although it was compulsory, the Aegean Army Commandership and police department were not informed about these activities, the indictment also states.

The indictment says the activities planned to lead to the coup were ordered to be carried out earlier than originally planned, at 23.00, according to an “express message” delivered by the “council” orchestrating the takeover activities in Ankara. In line with this instruction, pro-coup soldiers initiated their operations at the Çardak airport. 

However, these activities were blocked by anti-coup personnel of the airport base command and by a group of protesting civilians, which led to the pro-coup military forces in Denizli being captured by security forces without any clashes on the morning of July 16, the indictment states.