Firms want share in nuclear facility

Firms want share in nuclear facility

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Firms want share in nuclear facility

Nurettin Özdebir is leading Turkish industrialists’ efforts to buy shares in the country’s first nuclear plant. AA photo

Akkuyu NGS, the subsidiary of Russia’s Rosatom, which is building Turkey’s very first nuclear plant, has said it would welcome a joint bid by Turkish industrialists to buy shares in the project.

Local and international investors can own up to a 49 percent stake in the nuclear power plant according to the deal signed between Turkey and Russia, Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant officials told the Anatolia news agency yesterday, adding that Turkey’s organized industrial zones umbrella organization, OSBÜK, has made a partnership offer.

“We are open to the partnership offer from OSBÜK. We have held talks on this subject. Investors will only be partners of the project in proportion to their stakes. Sale of the power units is beside the point. In any case, technically, sale of a power unit or management by another party does not seem possible,” the plant officials said.

Nurettin Özdebir, the president of OSBÜK, said the Russian side had warmly welcomed their partnership offer and suggested signing a goodwill agreement.

Introducing nuclear technology
Noting that he had discussed the matter with Akkuyu NPP General Manager Alexander Superfin, Özdebir said: “We will start discussing the details after signing the goodwill agreement. You cannot own a nuclear power plant just because you have the money. The political authority [should also support it]. Apart from that, the deal will enable the Turkish industry to become familiar with nuclear technology and to manufacture potential power plant parts in Turkey.”

According to Özdebir, the company wants to run one of the four power plants and allow the industrialists that are part of a partnership to use the electricity produced.

Turkey and Russia signed the nuclear power plant deal May 12 for an estimated $20 billion.