Famous Turkish actor adopts donkey foal

Famous Turkish actor adopts donkey foal

Famous Turkish actor adopts donkey foal

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, a famous Turkish actor, adopted a donkey foal from the Work Animals Rescue Foundation’s (WARF) farm in Istanbul’s Beykoz district on March 29.

According to the WARF officials, the foal named “Arzu,” which Tatlıtuğ adopted, was found forlornly near her dead mother in the eastern province of Şanlıurfa when it was just a day old and was brought recently to the farm in Istanbul.

The footage recorded and shared on social media by Tatlıtuğ’s wife, Başak Dizer, showing the actor playing with Arzu, melted hearts and received millions of likes in a short time.

The actor did not comment about the adoption, but his wife made a statement on social media, thanking their actress friend, Özge Özpirinççi, who helped them connect with the WARF farm and the donkey foal.

“Thank you Özge for bringing us here. Arzu licked my hand continuously. The foundation looks after donkeys and horses in need. Let’s give a hand,” Dizer said.

Actress Özpirinççi and world-renowned Turkish singer Sezen Aksu are also volunteers of the foundation, adopting foals.

Tatlıtuğ, who is 37 years old, became a celebrity on catwalks in 2002 when he was selected as the Best Model of Turkey and the Best Model of the World.

Stepping into the movie world in 2005, he has starred in seven TV series and five blockbuster movies.

The TV series, “Gümüş” (Silver), “Aşk-ı Memnu” and “Kuzey Güney,” which were sold to the Middle East and South American broadcasting companies, made Tatlıtuğ a worldwide known actor over time.