Famous show raises popularity of Turkey

Famous show raises popularity of Turkey

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Famous show raises popularity of Turkey

TV series ‘A Thousand and One Nights’ raises interest in Turkish culture in Crotia. Hürriyet photo

Thanks to Binbir Gece (A Thousand and One Nights) TV show, interest in Turkish culture has risen in Croatia. Some families have begun to name their sons Onur, the lead character in the series.

Students in Croatia are applying to Turcology departments at universities more, said the Turkish ambassador to Croatia, Burak Özügergin. “Each day more people apply to Turkish language courses in order to learn Turkish.”

As the series increases the popularity of Turkey, Özügergin said, Croatians’ interest in Turkey increases.
Both countries have benefitted from cultural relations, according Özügergin. Turkish tourists going to Zagreb increased.

Croatia has also discovered how much the two countries have in common, Zenith Services general manager Hidayet Çoklar said. Croatia may also rise as the new attraction in the Balkan countries.

Özügergin added that the relationship between the two countries has developed because of the cultural relations. There are many Turkish shows broadcasting in Croatia currently. “This increases the popularity of Turkey,” he said.

“The potential of Turkey in tourism is evident. However with these shows this popularity is raised,” he said. The series shows that Turkey is a young and dynamic country, according to Özügergin. The TV series also showcases beautiful parts of Turkey. Newspapers in Croatia are publishing recipes for Turkish food.