Expert cautions over virus measures in pools, sea

Expert cautions over virus measures in pools, sea

Expert cautions over virus measures in pools, sea

Even though there is no evidence that COVID-19 transmits from pools and sea, some measures are still necessary as people are flocking to holiday resorts and swimming pools, says an expert.

“The fact that sea water is salty, and it is a vast open space suggests that the infection risk is low. There is no concrete evidence that COVID-19 does not survive in salty water, but precautions must certainly be taken,” said Dilek Yekenkurul from Düzce University Medical School’s department of infectious diseases.

She noted that those venues are usually crowded places, thus, social distancing rules must be strictly observed.

“Staff need to regularly measure people’s temperatures and ask visitors if they have coughs, respiratory problems or a runny nose,” Yekenkurul said.

According to the expert, the advises from the Health Ministry for swimming pools should be followed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease.

Chlorine must be used properly to keep pools free of the virus, she stressed.

Sunbeds by the pool must be placed at least 1.5 meters apart from each other and their surface should be made of washable material and washed down before use, Yekenkurul said.